The Art of Retail

At Niven, we live & breathe retail.

That means not only understanding the retail environment. But also knowing how customers truly interact with displays and are impacted at the store level. Understanding the shopper’s mind and heart allows us to design real life experiences in the shopping aisle. Are we influencing shoppers or are they influencing us? Both, of course. After 35 years of creating award-winning work and winning clients’ trust, we’ve got it down to a poetic science.

We are in the business of solving complex issues for our clients by actively listening and collaborating. We turn problems into opportunities by bringing the right people together to leverage our experience, bringing real life solutions to our clients. We start in the store and end in the store. To sum it up, our retail efforts are driven by insight. And proven by purchase.

  • In 1979, The Niven Marketing Group was founded by Ron Niven with a vision to elevate the quality and impact of merchandising. In 2004, Ron’s succession plan transferred ownership to the employees of Niven. Niven continues to thrive as an ESOP, effectively meeting clients’ needs with a team that has a vested interest in their success.
  • Since 2005, Niven’s Carol Stream headquarters have offered clients close proximity to O’Hare Airport and main roads and thoroughfares. The state-of-the-art facility is more than 200,000 square feet of design, assembly and warehousing area.