Innovating strategic Omni-channel solutions, in-store and out.

Niven, along with our clients, have recognized that we are fast becoming an Omnichannel commerce society, blurring the lines between home-life and brick-and-mortar shopping. We believe that it is important to provide our clients with the best strategies and tools to navigate this complex new world or retail in the most effective and meaningful ways. With the introduction of our Digital Strategy and Innovation Department, Niven has become a One Stop Shop for integrated digital and display solutions.

Niven provides a broad category of digital services that not only provide significance in-store, but robust convenience to clients’ processes and projects internally. We design, plan, and engineer the hardware and content to bring retail interactions to life easily and economically. Niven also has developed and employs digital process tools like 3D Planner, Tracking tools, Saturation mapping, and Niven Link to streamline and empower our design and production processes.

We have partnered with brands like Remarkable, Brizo and B8ta to deliver engaging and impactful solutions to retail environments. And our projects don’t end upon installation: we continue to monitor, study, and learn from our omni-channel successes to develop even more strategic tools and insights.

If you’re interested in how Niven can bolster your retail engagements through new digital tools and cross-platform strategies, please contact Mark Lopez, Director of Digital Strategy and Innovation at