Niven can help you navigate from chaos to calm

by | Apr 1, 2021

Picture this: You’ve just decided on a new category solution for your brand, one that will simplify the customer shopping experience at big box retailers and independent dealers. Congratulations! Now for your reality check:
  • Planograms vary across the country
  • Hundreds of display product pieces are required
  • Limited forecasting is available
  • Certain materials have long lead times
  • Warehousing capabilities are limited
  • The ordering process is dated
  • Multiple billing scenarios are required, AND
  • Your resources for managing this program internally are limited

If you’re the person who’s been designated to execute this program, a feeling of impending chaos would not be surprising.

Niven Program Management

The good news is, Niven knows how to navigate from chaos to calm. With more than 40 years of experience in complex program management, our expert Client Services team can guide you through all the variables and unknowns, getting your program to the point where things are calm and under control.

First, our team works to become an extension of your team:

  • We dedicate a Client Services Manager to guide you through the process
  • We identify the challenges and craft an execution plan
  • We collaborate with internal and external parties to streamline implementation and expectations
  • We plan for the unexpected and provide timely solutions that work
Niven Program Management 2
Of course, we also enhance and improve our processes with each new program. And over time, we’ve crafted and honed our tools, which include:
  • Online ordering/tracking capabilities
  • A proprietary web platform to manage additional program services (installations, service, reporting, inventory)
  • Inventory controls and reporting
  • State-of-the-art software to help things work efficiently, both internally and externally
Want one more reason to bookmark this blog? Every member of the Niven Client Services team is an employee-owner. So they have plenty of motivation to make your journey from solution to execution as calm as possible. And to keep you from getting lost in a storm of details.

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