This is us! That’s right, our tagline is all about telling prospects what we do and where we do it—a bold, declarative statement that reflects what today’s brands expect in the new retail reality. They’re simple words for sure, but we chose them very intentionally.

The word “innovating” was a no brainer. Throughout our 43-year history, Niven has been obsessed with finding progressive ways for our clients to stand out in the ever-evolving retail world. We think our track record of ground-breaking solutions speaks for itself, as does our roster of dynamic, world-class partners.

The words “in-store and out,” on the other hand, speak directly to the fact that the retail landscape has shifted. As those words imply, we not only need to continue re-imagining the in-store retail environment, we have to think beyond bricks and mortar and outside the literal box. Retail has more dimension than ever because today’s shoppers are omnichannel, and our tagline purposefully reflects that.

At the end of the day, Niven’s tagline is our verbal commitment to guide empowered shoppers, progressive brands, and the entire retail world into new and exciting territory, both inside and outside the store. In fact, Niven is uniquely equipped to deliver the most innovative, holistic, and on-trend retail solutions you’ll find anywhere.

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