Because Niven is 100% employee-owned, we all have a stake in arriving at the right solution for your project. Not only do we care more about helping you succeed, we take pride in it. Call it project peace of mind.


Niven guides you with a spirit of energy, collaboration and — dare we say it — fun. Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past 40-plus years, when we make the journey enjoyable for everybody involved, we arrive at better results. And everybody wins

Who we are

Don Hubbard - President - CEO
Stacey Mondek - Art Director
Mario Calderon - Creative Director
Sandy Jesionowski - Sr. Account Manager
Cynthia Dwyer - Accounts Payable
Ron Zromkoski - Sr. Vice President Operations
Joe Cirone - Sr. Project Mgr
Mitch Koziol - Sr. Design Engineer
Katie McKillip-Von Feldt - Sr. Account Executive
Shelley Mielas - Sr. Account Manager
Rosy Bobo - Warehouse Shipping Supervisor
Christine Orr - Sr. Project Manager
Jorge Montemayor - Plant Operations Manager
Peter Chamala - Design Engineer
Greg Wojcik - Sr. Project Mgr
Sandy Nguyen - Assoc. Creative Director
Kelly O'Connell - Sr. Account Manager
Jocelyne Flores - Sr. Designer
Nick Milinkovich - Sr. Account Executive
Stefanie Hajer - VP Creative
Adam Mergens - Sr. Designer
Bev Sampson - VP Client Services
Lauren Shepherd - Art Director
Kevin Joyce - VP Business Development
Joe Simonini - Sr. Vice President - CFO
John Zink - Sr. Design Engineer
Alex McCune - Design Engineer
Joe Reyes - Sr. Project Manager
Fred Musnicki - Sr. Vice President
Nicole Zabel - Sr. Account Manager
Bryan Hammer - Sr. Account Executive
Nick Selinsky
Helen Barna - Director of IT
Stacey England - Client Services Coordinator
Terri Locke
Scott Geraghty - Sr. Project Manager