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by Jamie Apel | Jun 17, 2020

Today’s food consumers value simplicity, transparency, and wellness. These values are reflected in the way grocers are marketing their products: Farm-to-table. Locally grown. Know your food.

But for most of these busy consumers, convenience remains a high priority. This presents a huge opportunity for the gas station convenience store, especially since the “gas-stop” shopping experience hasn’t changed much since its inception.

Let’s face it: When we hear the words “gas station convenience store,” most of us think “processed junk food.” This is precisely why our client, Kwik Trip, is pushing back against this stereotype and offering their customers something different.

Specifically, they’re investing in bananas. If that sounds, well, bananas, consider this: Kwik Trip is already selling nearly 50 million pounds of this popular junk food alternative each year, making it one of the big reasons behind their overall success.

Understandably, Kwik Trip wanted to elevate and expand on the produce piece of their business, and they came to Niven for guidance. After looking at their store holistically, we’re working with them to find in-store opportunities for highlighting their produce offerings, improving the customer journey and increasing their food sales.

In addition to bananas, Kwik Trip produces many of its own fresh food options. This enables them to reach the customer faster and with healthier choices. It’s all part of their goal to elevate their grocery experience, which makes them an exciting client to work with.

In the big picture, Kwik Trip hopes to change consumer perceptions about the gas station convenience store. More to the point, they want to establish their own stores as a destination for fresh and healthy snacks and meals—exactly the kind of challenge Niven thrives on.

In the meantime, Kwik Trip’s strategies are resonating with consumers, and this innovative Midwest chain continues to grow. As an innovative company ourselves, Niven is excited about the possibilities. Our partnership with Kwik Trip has been a breath of fresh air, and we’re thrilled to play a role in their evolving future.


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With over 40 years of experience, Niven is always looking for new challenges.  Our team is excited to talk with you about how we can partner together to create new, exciting solutions for your retail needs.

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