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by Don Hubbard | Oct 6, 2023

A recent LinkedIn survey “Reasons buyers give for relationships getting stronger” rated Trust #1 at 52%. Value for the Money rated #5. That is an interesting spread and a telling one that does not surprise me. While value is always favorable, trust is the iconic foundation of positive relationships.

If you build a trustworthy relationship, you have confidence in what you are being told and what is being promised. The collaborations are richer and with an openness that just makes things better for everyone.

As an Employee-Owned Organization, trust and doing the right thing are values we try and live by every day and with every connection. Niven’s been told we have a reputation for being trusted. It’s a big reason many of our client relationships have thrived 10, 15, 25 years ongoing. For you, there are many benefits of doing business with any trustworthy company.

  1. Reliability: Trustworthy companies are more likely to deliver products and services on time, reducing “surprises” by taking ownership of that commitment, reducing the risk of delays or disappointments.

  2. Transparency: An openness in a company’s dealings, providing clear communication and information about status, policies, pricing and products.

  3. Quality Assurance: Trustworthy companies tend to prioritize product and service quality, maintaining reputation, and ensuring you receive value for your money.

  4. Ethical Practices: Adhering to ethical practices thus reducing the likelihood of fraud or unethical behavior.

  5. Customer Support: Typically, they offer better customer service and support by addressing issues promptly and effectively, enhancing your experience overall.

  6. Long-Term Relationships: Building a relationship with a trustworthy company can lead to increased benefits such as discounts, special programs, or customized solutions.

  7. Peace Of Mind: Knowing you are working with a team that “has your back” and are a reputable partner.

  8. Positive Reputation: Associating with a trustworthy company can enhance your own reputation and credibility in the business world.

  9. Legal Protection: Trustworthy companies are more likely to comply with laws, regulations, therefore reducing your own compliance risk.

  10. Reduced Risks: Overall, conducting business with a trusted company lowers the risk of financial losses and disputes of unexpected complications.

We all have choices in who we want to associate with. The best relationships are with people and companies that meet a range of expectations, “positively surprise us” and consistently deliver. Being trustworthy is a responsibility and obligation evident in your most valued professional relationships and one that all our Employee Owners take great pride in living up to every day.


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With over 40 years of experience, Niven is always looking for new challenges.  Our team is excited to talk with you about how we can partner together to create new, exciting solutions for your retail needs.

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