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by Don Hubbard | Dec 8, 2021

One thing that sets Niven apart in our industry is the fact that, thanks to our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), we are employee-owned. What this really means is that we’re client-focused. Every single one of us has a vested interest in going above and beyond, every single day.

As a performance-based organization, our people are our primary differentiator. We’re always ready to roll up our sleeves, and our clients appreciate that. For example:

Moment 1: During the winter of 2020, our window treatment client needed a display prototype delivered to mid-town Manhattan ASAP. The problem? The hour was late for renting a truck, the pandemic was at its height, and storms were predicted along the route. Despite all that, Niven’s VP of Business Development, Kevin, rented the last available truck in the area, drove through the weather, and delivered the prototype on time.

Moment 2: A cosmetic startup was experiencing an in-store crisis—their launch displays were falling apart. While this company wasn’t our client at the time, a mutual friend asked if we could step in and help them out. So Nick, one of our Senior AEs, grabbed our best engineer. Together, they devised a solution that not only saved the startup’s launch, but laid the foundation for a new client relationship that continues to this day.

Moment 3: One of our clients is a faucet company. In the past, their customers had to manually make sense of thousands of parts combinations when ordering. But thanks to an unsolicited suggestion (and critical guidance) from Helen, our IT Director and Head of Digital Innovation, this client now offers customized portal sites and real-time dashboard that efficiently monitors field activities and services customer needs.

The common thread here? Because Niven is an employee-owned company, we all come together for the common good. Going the extra mile is how we live every day. It defines our culture. This matters to our clients, because they know we have a vested interest in their success.

Our employees are proud of our ESOP Over the next few months, Niven employees will be sharing their own thoughts and feelings about working for an employee-owned company. But we can tell you this much right now: when employees assume ownership, they work better with—and do better work for—our clients. At Niven, our happiness is tied to the pride we feel in being company stakeholders, and in the responsibility we feel to do our part for the team.


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With over 40 years of experience, Niven is always looking for new challenges.  Our team is excited to talk with you about how we can partner together to create new, exciting solutions for your retail needs.

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